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WinRxFax is a system that intefaces WinRx with FaxTalk software to enable sending and receiving faxes directly from WinRx.

The system is comprised of WinRx and WinMail, FaxTalk faxing software and the WinRxFax program which is the interface between WinRx and FaxTalk.


WinRxFax is $485 (CAD plus applicable taxes) which includes install and setup, one year of support, program updates, and serial number for FaxTalk.


  • WinRx installed
  • Fax modem installed on one computer
  • Access to an analog phone/fax line
  • A phone splitter (if sharing the phone line with a fax machine)
  • Monitor capable of 1920x1080 resolution or higher recommended

Types of Forms That Can Be Faxed From WinRx

  • Missed narcotic dose forms (RU reversal)
  • Prescription transfer forms
  • Refill request forms
  • Doctor notes
  • Any document from the "documents" section in the edit prescription or patient profile screens

Example Scenario - Sending a Fax

  • In WinRx create a refill request.
  • After creating the refill request WinMail will open with the doctor set as the recipient and the Subject, Attachment and Message field populated automatically.
  • Edit any fields as needed then click "Send" to send the fax job.

  • After clikcing Send you can go to [Sent Faxes] to view the status of the fax job.
  • The status will change to "Sent" when successful or "Failed" if it was not able to go through.
  • If the fax fails you can go to [View Failed Fax Sends], correct the fax number if needed and resend the fax, or delete the fax.

Example Scenario - Receiving a Fax

  • Received faxes will appear in the WinMail Inbox section.
  • You can double-click the item in the inbox to view the received fax PDF file.
  • Click "Attach File" to attach the received file to a patient record in WinRx.
  • The fax can be attached as a patient document type which will appear in the patient profile "documents" screen, or as a "Rx image" which will appear in the "ERx txns" screen in WinRx and can be processed as a new prescription from there.
  • After clicking "Done" the fax description will be updated and you can click "Remove Item From Inbox" which will place it in WinMail in [History] > [Faxes received].

  • In WinRx you will be able to view the attached fax by clicking the "documents" button on the patient's profile.
  • Documents can also be faxed from this screen by clicking "Transmit Item Via WinMail".


WinRxFax and FaxTalk need to be installed on the computer that has the fax modem installed.

FaxTalk FaxCenter Pro Setup

Install FaxTalk using the default settings. After it is installed there are several itmes that need to be set.

Received Faxes

  • Go to Tools > Options > New Event Items
  • Click “Automatically save a copy”
  • Click Setup
  • Set the folder to C:\WinRx\FaxTalk\Inbox (or set it to another folder of your choice)
  • The folder should be set to a shared location that can be accessed from any of the workstation computers

    User Info

    • Go to Tools > Options > User
    • Fill in the relevant fields for your location


    • Go to Tools > Coversheet Designer
    • This step is optional, but there are several default coversheets you can choose from which you can customize to add your company logo etc. and then save as a new file name
WinRxFax Setup

WinRxFax is the program that interfaces WinRx and FaxTalk. It monitors for new fax jobs to send and updates the status of the fax jobs in the WinRx database.

Open WinRxFax.exe from the C:\WinRx folder and set the folders. After that is done, click “Minimize to System Tray” and leave it to run in the background. It can also be added to the Windows startup folder so that it will run automatically after restarting the comptuer.


  • The “Folder to save received fax files” should be set to the same location as the Received Faxes setting in FaxTalk.
  • The “FaxTalk Data Folder” should be set to the same location as the Data Folder setting in FaxTalk. The default location is: C:\ProgramData\Thought Communications\FaxTalk.
  • The “Folder to monitor for outgoing fax jobs” should be set to a shared network location that can be accessed from all workstation computers.


  • Select your default coversheet from the dropdown list and click Set Default

WinMail Setup

On each WinRx computer, from the main WinRx screen click the "WinMail" button to open WinMail, then go to Settings and set the folder there to correspond to the "Folder to monitor for outgoing fax jobs" folder in WinRxFax.

System Overview

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