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PDF Annotate

PDF Annotate is an application for adding notes, highlights and shapes to PDF documents, or to combine/edit PDF document files. It can be used as a standalone application or integrated with WinRx.


You can download and run the program for free for a 30 day trial period. The cost to activate is a one time license fee of $195 (CAD plus applicable taxes).


PDF Annotate can be used on it's own as a standalone application but to interface with WinRx you will need the following:

  • WinRx installed.
  • WinRx Scanning Module or WinRxBatchScan installed.

In WinRx you can access documents by clicking the "documents" button from the patient profile or edit prescription screens. Select the document and click "Annotate item" to open the document in PDF Annotate.

You can use the items in the toolbar along the top of the PDF Annotate screen to add annotation items to the PDF document. Hover the mouse cursor over the items for a description of each item.

After items are placed on the page they can be moved, resized and deleted. To add text to the text box items, double-click on the text field, add text, then click outside of the text field to apply the changes. When you are finished with the annotations, click "Save" to apply the annotations to the PDF. After saving, the annotations can longer be edited or changed, but you can add additional annotations if needed.

Click "Add" to add an existing PDF document to your current document. The new pages will be displayed in the thumbnail view on the left. Pages can be dragged to re-order them, or individual pages can be deleted. Click "Save" to save the new pages to the current document.

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